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What to Expect in Your First Treatment


Your appointment will begin with a review of your past medical history and a thorough clinical assessment. Your practitioner will take the time to listen to you, and ask questions so that there is a more complete understanding of the situation and circumstances that have brought you to seek help. If relevant, questions may be asked about your work routine, diet, pattern of exercise, sleep habits, etc., as these may give clues to help our assessment.  You may be asked to provide reports from other healthcare providers and if necessary given appropriate referrals. Physical tests may be used to determine treatment.


Your First Treatment

Osteopaths use a wide range of gentle techniques, depending on your age, fitness and condition. Treatment is different for every patient but may include techniques such as soft tissue release, visceral release, cranial field, joint mobilization and manipulation in order to release tension, restore function and help reduce inflammation.





Osteopathy—Treat the Cause, Not the Symptom


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