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Welcome to an Exceptional Day of Practice

At the Northumberland College in Halifax
1888, Brunswick St, Halifax
ON MAY 24th, 2015
“The Piano and the Pianist…how to stimulate the healing process”
with Philippe Druelle DO

Philippe Druelle DO, DScO will offer an exceptional day course on the subject of « The Piano and the Pianist, our Organism and our Conscience”. The goal is to get more physiological response from our patient, therefore better results in the therapeutic methods.

  • This day will be dedicated to Stillpoint and to Stillness; Sutherland, Duval, Becker and Wales.
  • How to work with the Potency or vital capacity, the Breath of life or universal energy.
  • How to achieve good fulcrums or balance point.
  • This day will be based on practice with old and new technics.
  • Application on the use of the MIND according to A. T. STill or dynamic coherence that engenders the healing process. Applications to visceral, cranial and osteoarticular.
  • How to treat the body and the person at the same time using the Inner Physician as said by A. T. Still.

This seminar is most valuable for it addresses the roots of Osteopathic concept and offers numerous solutions to patients. It will be offered for the first time in Halifax following the thesis oral presentations and the gala evening ceremony with remittance of the diplomas.

Open to all osteopaths and students from the 3rd year studies and up.


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