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Pedriatics Worshop With Alain Bouchard, PT, DO

At the end of the workshop, the participant:
1) Will understand the multifactorial nature of the various development disorders affecting children and the main mechanisms and research avenues associated with them
2) Will know the main osteopathic patterns linked with these problems.
3) Will be able to assess and treat the areas that are associated with these dysfunctions using a simple, precise and efficient approach.

MONCTON : June 8-9, 2019

With 30 years of experience in the pediatrics field, Alain Bouchard has developed a unique expertise on learning disabilities and developmental problems as well as postural and motor problems in infants. As a clinician, researcher, teacher, lecturer and organizer, he has been involved for the past 20 years at an international level in the research and transmission of osteopathic pediatrics.

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