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Our Committees

Governance and Constitution Committee


  • To continuously review and strengthen the NSAO board governance and business model
  • To ensure compliance of the BOD code of conduct

CEU Review Committee


  • To ensure member compliance of NSAO CEU Professional Development Policy
  • Develop CEU Audit Policy
  • To continuously assess and evaluate the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to be applied to courses, workshops, seminars, webinars and other events
  • To review and update the Course Endorsement Application and related forms
  • To annually review the CEU policy and procedures
  • To makes recommendations to the BOD regarding member non-compliance of CEU Policy

Education Committee


  • To establish and plan CEU webinars, workshops and courses
  • Support and facilitate peer networking and learning opportunities
  • To review and update the Course Notice Form for website posting
  • To create and manage the criteria for posting international, national and local courses and events on the website
  • To identify potential course sponsorship
  • To determine and advise the BOD regarding educational courses or materials that would be of benefit to membership

AGM and Conference Committee


  • Plan and organize the annual AGM and continuing education conference

Awards and Bursary Committee


  • Build professional pride by creating ways to recognize member contributions
  • Create and manage the awards and bursary program

Marketing and Communication Committee


  • To raise brand awareness through various marketing events and initiatives
  • Connect NSAO members through various media platforms
  • Create and manage on-line discussion forum for members relating to issues impacting manual osteopaths
  • To maintain, review and update website content

Professional Practice and Standards/Ethics Committee


  • Provide business support and guidance for clinical practice management
  • Provide resources and education on clinical practice information
  • To review and update Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct policy and procedures
  • To receive, process and manage all complaints as mandated in our policy and procedures
  • To ensure that compliance with Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct polices.     

Membership Committee


  • To continuously review and update policy and procedures regarding admission, suspension and termination of members
  • To review new applications for membership and recommend to the BOD potential members.

Regulation Committee


  • Represent the membership before government and regulated bodies
  • Represent and advocate on behave of our members
  • Develop and promote a united narrative for manual osteopathy in Nova Scotia
  • Liaise with similar organizations across the country and internationally to gain knowledge on different approached to regulation
  • Gain recognition of government, insurers and other healthcare allies
  • Research and develop metrics for the profession specific to risk management for the public
  • Promote and improve awareness of osteopathic services to the general public of Nova Scotia


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