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The NSAO board of directors reviews all applications for membership. Applicants are approved for membership only at NSAO Board Meetings, which are held at scheduled dates thought the year. Please inquire before you are scheduled to start working, as you will need to allow for up to 60 days for the NSAO to process your completed application form and documentation.

Please remember to keep a copy of your completed application.


  • Proof of membership in OAO or OOA
  • Proof of certification from an approved course (first time applicant only) Must be a graduate of a Canadian or overseas Osteopathic college whose curriculum has been approved by OAO/NSAO. This program must meet or exceed the benchmark guidelines for osteopathic education as outlined by the WHO “Benchmarks for Training in Osteopathy” in 2010.
  • Proof of Professional Mal Practice Insurance.
  • Up to date Vulnerable Sector check including a Criminal Background check
  • Must have completed up-to-date First Aid and CPR/AED training (infant included) as offered by Red Cross, St. John Ambulance or Lifesaving Society.
  • NSAO application form and fees.
  • Please note if you are applying from outside Canada all requirements as per Immigration Canada apply and are the responsibility of the individual.

(all requirements subject to change as per policies of NSAO)

If you would like an application form, have questions about the form, please contact:

Categories  of Membership:

  • Acitve members
  • Leave of Absence
  • Students (pending)


Active Members: $500

Leave of Absence: $250 (some exceptions apply)

New Grads: $250 (when graduation date is May or later)

(all fees subject to change as per policy of NSAO)

Membership Renewel:

  • Due as per policies of NSAO, at present March 1.
  • All paperwork is due before March 1
  • Fees paid in full before March 1
  • Late fees will apply
  • After 30 days membership will be revoked
  • Membership renewal is the responsibility of each member and not the NSAO
  • Members are expected to continue their professional development annually


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