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An evidence-based understanding in utilizing a quantum physics bio-field Osteopathic (OMT) approach with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other complicated cases

Criteria for participant attendance: must be an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (OMP), DO, or fifth year student (completed).
Presented by Jennifer Williamson, PT & OMT, BSc.PT, MSc., DOMP with teaching assistants Joan Seaman DO (Q), and Andrea Mounce-Halasz DOMP.
This course will present a literature review of the possible causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the physiological impacts on children with ASD. There will be a detailed presentation of the research by Jennifer Williamson et al. showing statistical significance in the areas of autism severity (p = 0.05), inflammation (p = 0.04), and vitality (p = 0.02). This course aims to teach a quantum physics approach to the science behind the Human Energy Field (HEF) Model used during the treatment of children with ASD. This Bio Field/HEF Model which encompasses treating in matter and fluids will be described and practiced. The Bio Field/HEF treatment model was first developed with statistical significance of p = 0.0001in the thesis The Effect of General Osteopathic Treatment on Pain in Veterans Diagnosed with PTSD by Andrea Mounce-Halasz, 2014. A 2-day practical class that follows will instruct participants on this approach using OMT in the realms of matter, fluids, and fields. This approach will allow the Osteopath (OMT) and/or OMT student to successfully treat sensitive children such as ones diagnosed with ASD and has generalizability to other populations that include trauma on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual planes such as: autoimmunity disorders, concussions, MVA, women’s health issues, PTSD etc. of all ages.

Registration for both courses will begin May 6th, 2019. The cost for the online course is $485.00 (8 hours = 8 CEU’s) and the practical course is $640.00 (16 hours = 16 CEU’s).
The online course will be available starting May 20th, 2019.
Practical course TBA and will be capped at 14 participants.
The location for the practical course is Personal Care Physio and Osteopathy (OMT), 3785 Highway #3, Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada.

To register for the online and 2-day practical workshop or for further information, please visit


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